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Not only was the story so very compelling and left on somewhat of a cliffhanger A real eye opener, and I thank Mark Dawson for describing it so. Flawless narration from David Thorpe once again. He is a terrific storyteller.

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Mark Dawson has created a super hero in John Milton and although some of the action takes place in USA in recent books, JM is definitely English which makes him really essential listening. I think Salvation Row is the best one yet strong story, great twists and turns, gripping stuff all immaculately brought to life by the brilliant reading and voices of David Thorpe.

Thank you Mark and David for such pleasure. What did you like most about Salvation Row? It was well written and as there has just been a similar incident of Hurricanes in that part of America, very accurate. You were there with them. What was one of the most memorable moments of Salvation Row?

Well he sounds like you imagine John Milton to sound and behave the way you expect, so he for me seems spot on to narrate these books. Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? No I rarely get that sort immersion from a book I suppose the best I can manage is pleased when something works out well, or irritated when people behave like idiots. Any additional comments? We got stuck in the car for 2 hours in a traffic jam in Bordeaux, and we really didn't mind that much as we had this book playing in the car.

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I am enjoying listening to the John Milton series of novels. The stories are varied enough, without long drawn out and involved back stories that are the basis of other books in the series. Yes, there is some but not too much This story has its start when New Orleans is gripped in the clutches of Katrina. John and an associate are caught up in the event and a local family helps them. Jump forward ten years and the same local family are now in need of help.

Milton steps in. Not 5 star but a good easy listening series. It's a well trodden path - the lone avenger with the dark past now doing good as he wanders, alone, throughout the United States set up on from all sides he tries to redeem himself with acts of kindness and courage. Obviously as with any of these thrillers you need to suspend your disbelief, I mean really suspended it.

But it's a Good yarn well performed. Lots of the older stories threaded through this book. Storyline a little predictable and not a lot of variation from the normal plot lines. Setting up a new villain is a nice ending that makes you want to get the next in the series. Another great work by Mark. Excellent entertainment, good pace and great characters. The John Milton series gets better every time.

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Great job Mark. Thank you! The best Milton story so far, in my opinion. Proof too that he's not invincible! One of the best Milton stories yet! Full of twists and turns and an intense atmosphere. Milton is a strong character in a clever story. If you love a thriller you will love this! Very well written, the story follows on at a good pace, the narrators characterisations are good too, all round a great series. Your audiobook is waiting….

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Salvation Row John Milton, Book 6. By: Mark Dawson. Narrated by: David Thorpe. Series: John Milton , Book 6. Length: 10 hrs and 51 mins. People who bought this also bought Gill Length: 9 hrs and 56 mins Unabridged Overall. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Wayne Matthews, NC Mark Dawson is my best new author find of The John Milton series consists of 2 novellas and 6 novels. Joyce Eriksen Another hit Dawson has hit his stride.

JC Louisiana Hot This book was very good. Nikknakk These books are like crack!!! Debora Aldridge Em Foss is on wrong sa lob bol For American listeners it is painful hearing a Brit's pronunciation of lots of words. Jacqui Marrickville, Australia Good story but. Ray David Thorpe is one of the best narrators there is David Thorpe is one of the best narrators there is.

He will be arraigned at a later date. A number of Nxians were residents of the Eastern District of New York when they were recruited, and Nxivm has held promotional recruiting events in Brooklyn. Mack is credited in publicly available materials with co-creating a Nxivm program, called The Source, which recruited actors. Raniere stood alone at the top of the pyramid. Other than Raniere, all members of DOS were women. Mack is one of the women in the first level of the pyramid immediately below Raniere.

Mack and other DOS masters recruited DOS slaves by telling them that they were joining a women-only organization that would empower them and eradicate purported weaknesses that the Nxivm curriculum taught were common in women. During the branding ceremonies, slaves were required to be fully naked, and a master would order one slave to film the branding while the others restrained the slave being branded. According to court filings, Mack directly or implicitly required her slaves, including Jane Does 1 and 2, as identified in the Indictment, to engage in sexual activity with Raniere.

In exchange for this, Mack received financial and other benefits from Raniere. Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 believed that if they did not participate in those activities with Raniere, their collateral would be released. Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. The Gunman Critics Consensus With an uninspired plot and rote set pieces that are overshadowed by its star's physique, The Gunman proves a muddled misfire in the rapidly aging Over Action Hero genre. Super Reviewer. Share on Facebook.

View All Videos 2. View All Photos. C Open Road. Pierre Morel. Don MacPherson , Pete Travis. Jun 30, Open Road Films. Sean Penn as James Terrier. Idris Elba as Barnes. Jasmine Trinca as Annie. Javier Bardem as Felix.

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Ray Winstone as Stanley. Mark Rylance as Cox. Critics Consensus: Insurgent is a Muddled Mess. Mar 27, Rating: 2. Mar 23, Full Review…. Mar 20, Full Review…. Mar 20, Rating: C Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Oct 05, As generally stated with movies like this I have no idea how accurate the movie is to the source material because I haven't read the book.

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The plot is about as cliched as you can get and we've seen a shitzillion times. A team of undercover special-ops mercs are given the task of assassinating a high ranking Minister in the Democratic Republic of Congo in The reason being the Congo is racked with civil war and large evil mining corporations are taking full advantage.

The Minister of Mining for the Congo declares contracts are unjust and need to be renegotiated with the corporations. So the large evil mining corporations hire Jim Terrier's team to assassinate the Minister. Everything goes well and Jim vanishes from Africa. After fleeing to London to meet up with an old member of his ops team, Jim is told his old special-ops boss has created a huge new international security company that pick up prestige contracts from all over the world including the Pentagon.

In order to clear the new companies shady past, all previous special-ops team members are to be eliminated. Jim must now evade being killed, get help from old team mates and unravel who exactly was his special-ops boss So yes this plot is as old as the hills, seen many Hollywood A-list stars take on very similar, if not identical roles. Lets get one thing out of the way right off the bat, Sean Penn and his bod.

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So clearly Penn decided to get into shape for this movie, by that I mean get pretty seriously ripped. OK that's fine, good for him. The issue I have is that we're not allowed to forget that fact, its literally shoved down our throats at every given moment, at every turn. There isn't a minute that goes by where Penn isn't trying to remove his shirt so he can flash his newly acquired muscles at us, usually glazed in sweat for that extra glistening effect.

Now as I've said he does look good, especially for age even though his wealth allows him to get expert help, training, dietary assistance etc Example, the amount of cliched, corny bollocks in this flick is off the scale. Everything you've seen done in previous better movies, every single cliche from the book of cliches. When things get too much for Penn he gets into the shower and has an angst ridden wash.

He leans against the wall of the shower, his head between his arms, looking down, allowing the water to run through his hair and down his thick biceps. When he gets out of the shower he's in front of a moisture covered mirror.

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He wipes his hand across the mirror to reveal his solemn face, he stares at himself, full of angst, clenches his jaw a bit, he's clearly thinking how serious the situation is He actually does this action a few times throughout the movie. He walks around his hideouts topless all the time He loves to wear bulletproof vests topless.

He stares into space whilst sitting in the shadows which just happens to make his muscles look even more butch, and bigger! There is of course a love interest, and oh my God so much sexual tension and sexual angst with that. The amount of topless, glistening muscle shots in dim lighting we see is incredible! All the while, totally full of angst because grrr Another thing that always amuses me about these type of movies, everyone is apparently massively rich. I mean sure, these guys are ex-special-ops so chances are they may have made lots of money sure, but its amazing how many of them manage to wind up with stunning executive jobs afterwards.

Either that or they are able to start up their own massively successful company. The locations seen in this movie are stunning, simply stunning, the kind of places that only people like Sean Penn would be able to afford. All the offices have sweeping city views out of the large windows, apartments right on the banks of the Thames, all the residential locations are either huge and luxurious, or just plain huge with antique good looks. Good job to because when the bad guys turn up to try and kill Jim and co the huge locations give them plenty of places to run, hide and escape.

Almighty convenient don't ya think, its almost as if they do this deliberately for grandiose action sequences I'm rolling my eyes here by the way.