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The stitch just below it should be the first in your reckoning. The sl st is used to join a stitch that was just worked with another one. Insert the hook into a stitch that you want to join with another; catch the yarn, and draw it through all the loops on the hook. Snowflake template. To stiffen crocheted snowflakes: Enlarge the snowflake template to percent. Cut it out, then glue to a 6-inch square of cardboard. Cover cardboard with clear packing tape; set aside. Pour fabric stiffener available at crafts stores into a bowl.

Soak snowflake in stiffener, 1 minute. Remove with tweezers; pat dry with paper towels. I added nipples on mine by tying a piece of dark pink yarn around a stitch post of the body and tucking in the ends.

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I have use White yarn, you can use any colour you prefer. Start by chaining 48, sl st in the second ch from hook, sc, hdc, ch1 and sl st into next ch, sk 1ch, 2sc, hdc, dc, tr x31, dc, hdc, 2sc, sk 1ch, sl st and ch1, hdc, sc, sl st, fasten off leaving a long tail. Weave in to hide the starting end. Thread your yarn needle on to the tail end and feed it back along 4 stitches to the previous sl st position.

Simply pull the loincloth over the base of Gonk to fit.

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The instructions for the left and right wings will differ to reflect the design. They will then be joined together and will fit on to your Gonk by straps. Work in continuous rounds using a stitch marker to keep your first st.

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  6. Use White yarn for the wings. Left wing. Start with a magic ring, R1. Right wing. Join and straps. Place the back of the wings together.

    Amigurumi Cupid Doll | New Pattern | Alisha | Flickr

    You will have 2sc, sc, 2sc at the back most side of both wings, match up the middle 3 stitches of each. We will join the wings together by working into the back loops only of these 3 stitches while also making the straps. I have used a golden Yellow colour for my straps, you may use any colour you prefer. Join yarn to the top of the 3 stitches. Fasten off and weave in ends. To fit on to your Gonk, cross the straps over each other to make a X in the front.

    You can have your Gonk simply hold the heart in between his hands, or you can make a balloon by attaching wire to the heart. I have used some garden wire, you can use any type of wire you find suitable. Using Red yarn, start with a magic ring, R1. Use your yarn needle to weave the end through the front loops of the last stitches and pull to close. A Knitting pattern from moniswolle.

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