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  3. "in den letzten Zügen liegen" English translation.

English bottom dying late. English last final latest past least latter ultimate hindmost laste endmost. Zug noun. English pass side tension slide platoon troop train feature stroke draw trait move string strain draft pull drag flight migration movement procession traction puff draught vein toke tractive heave lineament range chain team breath characteristic column march expedition flock flue tram streetcar lorry and trailer truck and trailer mouthful swig gulp artic discipline drawer.

English tension. Liegen noun.

Translation of "Talua" in English

English recumbency couches chaises chaise longues. English to be situated to be located to be lying down to be to be lying to be to I'm easy to lie down to be to be stationed to lie to fall to stand to recline to repose to reside to lay to lay. More by bab. Hangman Hangman Fancy a game? Or learning new words is more your thing? Why not have a go at them together!

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  • The area including Bayda was aerially mapped. Mineralogical and archaeometallurgical samples were taken for analysis. The smelting sites Lasail and -al Sayab were studied. These sites were in use over several periods, although not all are fully represented. But several other important sites were investigated and documented, including tombs M4 and a cylindrical tower keep M25 of this same period.


    From the study of the debris of the smelters slag , it became possible to distinguish the slag on the strength of its structure of the Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, and the medieval period. Lizq was investigated and mapped by means of photogrammetrically rectified aerial photos, its long fortified staircase was partially conserved.

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    In addition, numerous graves were excavated the Samad Period which owes its name to the oasis where its remains first were made. The hill fort al Maysar M34 was the first settlement of the Samad Culture which was excavated.. This expedition offered a first archaeological look at this island, 65 km long and maximally One context is neolithic. Preparations were made for the publication of the Masirah project.

    Graves were excavated and one house. The project centred on the Samad Culture which initially was believed to represent the "Parthian, Hellenistic, and Sasanian populations". A largely early medieval population came to light ranging from the year 0 or earlier to AD. On the strength of these two cemeteries and another at Bandar Jissa, the distribution of the Samad Culture became clearer.

    Given the size of the sample excavated five graves at al Amqat, eight at al Bustan it is difficult to contrast the burial customs there with those of al Jawf, the heartland of the Samad Culture. First, known sites and new ones were visited in order to gauge their rate and degree of destruction. Third, further prospection took place in the North in the al Dhahirah province. A survey revealed several Pre-Islamic cemeteries and settlements which are the victim of stone robbing and other destructive activities.

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    Owing to older damage, occasionally before construction work begins these monuments are hardly recognizeable even to experts. Large scale stone robbing continues and large areas have been cleared of the stones of a size desireable for building. At al Batin copper slag of the third millennium was further studied.

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    • Die letzten Fünfhundert : Expedition zu den Zwergvölkern auf den Andamanen.
    • Research interests.
    • Three towers were cleaned and photogrammetrically documented. We partially restored tomb Shi1. The towers spread over an area of several square kilometres. In the framework of the 3 year project "A Structuring of the Iron Age in Eastern Arabia" archaeological fieldwork began in in Central Oman and in that little-researched part of the Sultanate lying to the north.