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They blamed their beasts for the never ending lust for power, but Violet knew better. Greed was the commodity that ruled the world in shapes and forms only few comprehended. Physical power in were society lead to higher social status. The strive to achieve it was inherent. Their nature was a salvation, but also a curse.

Salvation in the form of a mate who could put an end to the nightmare Violet was living in. A curse — for she was a mere she-wolf in a society that was ruled, and dominated by males. Sadly, the female role was predetermined at conception. Those two XX chromosomes were a harsh sentence to anyone who could see the merciless truth.

In a pack on the verge of a war, unmated females were a liability. The Pack needed numbers to fend off rogues, and could not spare them for protection. Just like Hitler, Gagon thought himself worthy of selecting who survived and procreated. It was his way to control the narrative, and to control the masses.

Even rogue attacks were used to justify the survival mode mentally imposed in the pack. They needed members to complete the next fortification, more bodies to man those outposts, denser patrols to guarantee safety. But the pack had limited resources, which meant no food for the runts. Every single hungry throat to be fed needed to be able to pull their own weight, or else they would be left to their own demise.

The strength of the next generation came from their lineage. Assigned matings and breedings with fierce rogues were slowly becoming a norm. There were no room for happy coincidences, and no such things as fairytale stories. There was no middle path.

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You were a Mate, Taken or Breeder. Growing up in such a pack was surely not healthy for anyone, but Violet hung onto for the hopes of a mate.

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He would find her. He would save her. The idea of him kept her going for years, only to slowly give way to despair, as her savior never arrived. As time passed, her chance of ever finding him was going down the proverbial drain as she got closer to be assigned a destiny she would never follow. No, she would find him. She would kick his lazy ass for not saving her from this hellhole.

That was the only goal keeping her alive these days. Oh, how much she had secretly hoped the Fates would assign her to be Taken. At least that way, she could still preserve some normality to her life. She would have a mate, and even though he would not be her true soul mate, there would at least be a bond. What did they call them in the West? Second chance matings. Choice matings were as stable as dormant volcano. One could never be certain how the mating will proceed, until they were already locked into it.

Some shared kindness and managed to follow in love with each other, while others were soon thereafter replaced with someone new and exciting. But even that insecurity was preferable than being a Breeder. Breeders were the few truly unlucky she-wolves, who were cursed with good genes, but shunted away from Fate and society all together. Violet had little control over her popularity in the pack, but she could at least rebel against being a Breeder. A Breeder she-wolf did just that — bred with whoever the Alpha deemed suitable at the time, carried pups to different males, assured the growth of the pack.

That was a sentence worse than death. But sadly, even death was not an easy option in a pack ruled by ruthless assholes. They needed breeders and once designated as such, any whisper of suicide would only get you in a medically induced coma.

Food was cheaper and hence why intimidation, degradation and brainwashing were the usual weapons of intimidation. Violet could feel the bile rising in her mouth. It was a brutal world ruled by arrogant pricks. A world, in which unfortunately she was born. Violet could still not believe how quickly her life had changed. True, she had dreaded the possibility of eventually being designated as a Breeder. Although it did cross her mind, she never realized just how close it was. Up until a half an hour ago, it was more of a theoretical outcome. Now it was part of her life, evident by the angry red stamp on her shoulder.

Being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, branded as cattle before even hearing your sentencing showed just how little they thought of her. Did they even think of her? She was not a person. She had no rights. She was a thing now. A Breeder. Even the Alpha did not find it prudent to look her in the eyes before taking away her chance of finding happiness and love. The single realization bit deeper than the heated iron sinking into her flawless skin. The shock of seeing the brand dip into her skin rendered her body immobile. As the silver coating sizzled and engraved her with the lowest rank of them all, her mind screamed, while her body writhed in pain.

The scolding heat, and the smell of her burning flesh were forever etched in her mind. In an essay he writes about his summer vacation for his English teacher Mr. Wyatt as a kid, Sam mentions hunting a werewolf the previous summer with John and Dean. So, we know that werewolves are basically id gone wild, right?

I mean, whoever they hate, they kill when they wolf out. Crowley and the Winchesters suspect werewolves are the culprit behind a series of deaths where the victim's heart has been ripped out. Sam mentions that werewolves no longer only change on the full moon and relates that "Samuel and I ganked one about six months back on the half-moon. Like the werewolf, a skinwalker can be killed with silver, eats its victims hearts, and can turn other humans with a single bite.

However, skinwalkers are not bound by the moon cycle and can change at will, taking the form of everyday domestic dogs. Bobby mentions a "werewolf dance party" on highway I Dean: Hey, check this out. Sam: Let me see that. Pure-bloods don't black out during the transformation.

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They can control themselves. Sam and Dean investigate a mysterious death in a college town that turns out to be the work of a pure-blood werewolf who is a college professor in town. Professor Ludensky , being a pure-blood, had been able to control himself and was eating animal hearts instead of human, but gave into his urges and ate a human. Sam and Dean track him down and kill him to which he thanks them, but find a camera in his office.

Tracking the camera back to Brian Wilcox , they find a movie put together by Brian and his friends Michael Wheeler and Kate that depicts how Michael was bitten by the professor in an attempt to get a scapegoat for when Sam and Dean arrived and his transformation into a werewolf. It follows through Michael killing another young man and eating his heart, the three listening in on Sam and Dean discovering the nature of pure-blood werewolves and Brian discovering the professor is the werewolf who turned his friend and confronting him for answers and to get him to bite him.

Kate kills Brian and finishes his movie, leaving it for Sam and Dean along with a message that she plans to control herself and only feed on animal hearts. Sam and Dean , rationalizing that she hasn't harmed anyone human yet and may not, decide to give her a chance but agree to kill her if she starts feeding on humans. Dean , while talking to Irv on the phone, says that he knows about werewolf Siamese twin case Irv and Bobby worked in Saskatoon. After being dropped off at Sonny's Home for Boys, Sonny asks Dean how he got the bruises on his arms, to which Dean replies that he got them hunting a werewolf.

Tracking down Garth after fining out he is in the hospital after being hit by a car, and under arrest for eviscerating a cow, Sam and Dean learn that he was turned into a werewolf six months earlier after being bitten while killing a rampaging werewolf. Garth has joined a pack of mostly pure-blood werewolves who coexist with humans led by the Reverend Jim Myers and has married his daughter Bess Myers.

While Garth insists the pack is harmless, Dean is suspicious despite all clues to the contrary. Eventually Sheriff Pat reveals himself to be a werewolf and lures Sam and Dean into a trap in an attempt to kill them. Sam kills him and they discover that a silver bullet he wears as an amulet has the word Ragnarok on it. Looking for clues, Dean discovers that the pack worships Fenris and are part of a cult called the Maw of Fenris that wants to bring on Ragnarok and rule over humanity.

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Dean, having worked out who the true bad guy is, kills Russ with a silver knife and uses his jacket to mask his scent so he can get close enough to rescue his brother and friends. Joba attacks him after he gets inside the barn where Joy is about to kill Sam, but Dean kills Joba with his knife and then Joy in an impromptu duel. Reverend Myers is left horrified by what his wife and pack members tried and while Garth offers to return to hunting, Dean tells him to remain with the pack who Sam and Dean leave alone as they are not all bad.

Violet Duval and her brother Julian belong to a powerful werewolf family in Chicago. Violet and David Lassiter - who belonged to a rival family of shapeshifters - were at one point in love and planned on running away together. However David's brother Sal Lassiter made her leave him in order to stop the union.. Years later Violet is to be married in an arranged marriage her father set-up with a pack of werewolves from New York. When Sal is murdered, Violet suspects Julian of being involved in the murder. Julian threatens her, saying war is coming between the families.

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Later as Violet is leaving the Duval mansion, she realizes one of the butlers is David Lassiter , and makes him shift out of the butler's form. He tells her he wants to try and stop the conflict before it starts.

Suddenly a hooded figure attacks David, but before he can kill David, the hooded figure is shot by Ennis Ross, who flees, taking Violet with him. At his lair the hooded figure reveals himself to Violet be nothing more than a human, Irv Sokolowski , who blames Sal Lassiter and her brother for the murder of his young son. When David is captured trying to rescue her, the hunter Irv, plans to kill him but is stopped when Violet transforms and attacks him..

Safe at her home, Violet and David share a kiss before they go their separate ways. Sam and Dean learn of apparent werewolf kills in Durham, Washington and investigate. After finding a witness to the attacks, they check out a farm where they find Kate , the werewolf they let go two years before. Kate doesn't deny killing the people and they nearly kill her before Sam gets a call revealing that there was another attack while Kate was with them, meaning Kate is innocent. Kate escapes while they're distracted, but they use her cell phone to track where she's staying.

Sam and Dean follow what they believe to be Kate, but it turns out to be another girl. She acts scared until they go to test her for being a werewolf at which point she attacks them. Kate keeps the two sides from killing each other and the other werewolf runs off. When asked why, Kate reveals the girl is her sister Tasha. Kate explains that by eating animal hearts and using meditation and yoga, she has controlled her werewolf side and the only person she has ever killed is Brian Wilcox because he went crazy.

Kate even keeps a silver knife on her in case she loses control at which point she insists she will use the knife to kill herself. After leaving school, Kate returned home, but decided that it was too dangerous for her family, so she left to find a new life. After finding out that Tasha was mortally injured in a car accident, Kate visits her in the hospital to say goodbye and ultimately turns her into a werewolf to save her life.

Unlike Kate, Tasha embraced being a werewolf and is the killer Sam and Dean are tracking. Kate refuses to help them kill Tasha, insisting that she can control her. Dean claims they have a cure for being a werewolf and can turn Kate and Tasha back if Kate leads them to her sister. Kate agrees. Kate leads Sam and Dean to a cabin that she and Tasha used to visit with their parents, but Dean handcuffs her to the Impala 's steering wheel as they really plan to kill Tasha.

Entering the cabin, they are ambushed by Brandon and Travis, two young men that Tasha has turned into werewolves to be her new pack. Kate breaks free and confronts her sister who demands she either leave or kill Sam and eat his heart to join her pack. Kate tries to convince Tasha over to her way of thinking, but Tasha, who has been pushed around all her life, has embraced her new nature as it makes her strong. Realizing she's lost her sister, Kate hugs Tasha and kills her with her silver knife before fleeing, taking with her Tasha's bracelet.

Later that night, Kate calls Sam and Dean from a truck stop. They tell her that if she keeps away from them and doesn't harm humans, they won't go after her. Kate agrees, but can't promise as she knows now how easy it would be to lose control. Corbin and Michelle Tilghman become captives of a pack of werewolves at the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in Grangeville, Idaho while hitching through the national parks for their honeymoon.

During their captivity, Corbin is bitten by a werewolf. Only a creature of the wild would know. A werewolf, perhaps. Jaelyn finds that, yes. That's quite true. A human can't possibly navigate the wild. A werewolf can. The moon rises. The hunt begins.

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The police think she killed her family, but Leslie doesn't remember. Did she really sleep through her family's slaughter, or did she finally snap? When all the beings of the supernatural made their existence known, the world was turned on its head. Though despite the rising shadows, there are those that would oppose them. In this gory, high octane fantasy, druids battle werewolves to seal the fate of 6th century Britain. Kady, a young druid, must find the courage to overcome unbelievable odds.

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Not for the squeamish. Eli never liked people. But as bad as the zombies are, even greater horrors await out there in the darkness What If Two supernatural breeds Witch and Werewolf mated, all in the hope of creating a new omnipotent species that can stand up and vanquish their hated foe of the Vampire once and for all. Cindy is the uncrowned queen of the city, or in truth more like its hidden menace. But she is to discover that being a bitch can be dangerous, when faced with a real one Kendra wanted a change.

She decides to get a tattoo as a first step but gets turned into a werewolf as a result. She didn't want to change THAT much! Search Search. Fandoms More Fandoms. Write or Upload Story. Fantasy and Werewolves Join the Pack! How it works. Horror Stories Featuring Werewolves Horror books, stories, and novels with werewolves!