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Back to top. One of the most interesting DM band from Germany! Cursed Emperor Joined: 30 May Posts: Looking forward to this one! I, Voidhanger Joined: 02 Sep Posts: The tendency of people to change their religious beliefs but not the places they regard as holy is nothing new. There are thousands of examples.

In Athens, the Parthenon on the Acropolis was converted into a Christian church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and some village churches in the Strandzha have altars that were formerly pagan sacrificial stones. The sanctuary's warehouses contained grain, wine and olive oil stored in huge earthenware pots. But the Nekromanteion is a special case.

The monastery was not built on the site of the oracle to help the local people exchange Hades for Christ more quickly. Unlike other famous divination sites, such as those at Delphi or the nearby Dodona, the Nekromanteion was not destroyed at the end of the 4th Century. It stopped welcoming visitors as early as BC, because of the Romans. When they conquered Epirus, they wreaked such destruction that all the inhabitants fled.

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For centuries, nobody felt like contacting the dead. There was death all around, anyway. And when did it all begin? The three Mycenaean children's graves reveal that the hill was connected to a cult for the dead as early as — BC.

Discovery at Baiae

In those days, there was also a sanctuary to the Mother Goddess, who, by definition, was responsible for the afterlife. The Odyssey shows that the hill already had an oracle to the dead in the 8th Century BC. The ruins you enter when you pass through the gate in the stone wall are much newer. Archaeologists think they date from the 4th Century BC. Back then, the oracle was flourishing. The ancient world was obsessed with the idea of the nether world and views on what happened after life were changing.

In Homer's time, the Hellenes believed that every dead man turned into an incorporeal shadow with no memories, who lived an unhappy life in the Kingdom of Hades. For this reason, Odysseus, who wanted to bring back the memory of the dead soothsayer Teiresias, had to perform a terrifying ritual. He dug a hole in the ground with his sword.

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Into it he poured libations, first milk and honey, then sweet wine and water. He then shook in some barley and then sacrificed a black ewe. The blood of the animal trickled down the hole and the shadows of the dead rushed to it, because only if they drank from it could they remember who they were. But Odysseus chased them away with his sword because he needed to keep the blood for Teiresias. After their conversation, Odysseus gave some of the blood to his dead friends and relatives too.

One of them was Achilles. The dead hero, who had chosen a glorious early death to a long and boring life, said: "I'd rather live working as a wage-labourer for hire by some other man, one who had no land and not much in the way of livelihood, than lord it over all the wasted dead. Around the 4th Century BC, ideas about the netherworld underwent a change. The Elysian fields, where, according to Homer and Hesiod, Zeus's mortal children lived in bliss, became overpopulated.

People started to believe that they were also the final abode of those who had lived a godly life, or who had been initiated into the mystery religions such as those of the Great Gods in Samothrace and Demeter and Persephone in Eleusis.


Russian painter Alexandr Litovchenko's vision of the impartial boatman transporting the deceased to the Kingdom of the Dead. As a consequence, there was increased interest in the Nekromanteion, and the priests took full advantage of this. They compelled the supplicants to sleep in the oracle for several nights before they could address Hades. During this time, they were subjected to special diets and psychological tricks to prepare them for the experience.

On the big day, the supplicant went blindfolded down a maze of corridors, the same ones you walk along nowadays. The air was permeated with narcotic substances, sulphur and chanting. Several times, the supplicant came to closed doors. To open them, he was asked mystical questions to which he gave mystical answers.

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At the end of the corridor, the floor under his feet disappeared — and he ended up in an underground cave. There, in the passageway to Hades, the dead stood waiting for him….

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The disoriented visitor did not realise that he had entered a shrewdly constructed underground chamber that made use of one of the technological wonders of the time: a platform operated by a system of pulleys. Similar ones were used in theatres to produce a god on stage and achieve the stunning and unexpected turn of fate that could resolve even the most intricate plot: a dramatic technique called deus ex machina.

The chamber of Hades and Persephone is still there but all that remains of the platform are a few serrated wheels. You now descend using a mundane, shaky metal staircase.

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However, you will still get the creeps. It is deadly cold, the air damp and the lighting mysterious. The Nekromanteion boasts an impressive list of eminent visitors. Here Orpheus started his descent into Hades to beseech the god for the soul of his young wife Eurydice. Heracles braved it for his final, twelfth labour — the capture of Cerberus, the dog who guarded the underworld. Theseus and his friend Pirithos also passed through it in their attempt to kidnap Persephone.

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  4. Ordinary mortals only visited to seek advice. The best-known client of the sanctuary was Periander, the tyrant of Corinth c.