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Time slowed and I saw his face. It was him. Lying Sky. Do you ever look at the stars and just leave home? Leave earth? Because when I see those shining beauties dotted like white paint, They take me to a universe without any distractions. An interesting thing about stars,. They see reaching arms. She Who Travels at Dusk. Oh weary traveler, Who are you to hate the summer? In heaven waiting. I am a tortured human soul, The world would be better, If I go. The Battle Within.

The Blade is at bay, the Thoughts by the shore. The Noose at the gate and Suicide at the door. Then Darkness creeps in soundly and Death wins the war. I saw you today. Your umbrella wavering in the rain. The days we spent chasing each other in the rain,. Fifteen Ways of Freedom. I'll settle for rights. Let us dance in revelry, Chalices to our lips. Immemorial, the fountain, From which springs forth the nectar of ages.

The clock frozen,. Hello and Goodbye. Could somebody take me somewhere pleasant? It's all I have ever asked of someone. How is someone to be omnipresent? They cry "all hail the one and only son. The Soul. The soul: ages not, neither decays, dies daily when we sleep, ressurects the next day, renewed and refreshed.

Casket of a Stranger. My dog died over four years ago, And her ashes rest above our fireplace: A mantlepiece Behind a photograph of her that was there when she was alive. The Future is Bright. Even though the sky weeps with us today, tomorrow shares the warmth of sunshine and friendship, healing our sorrows in the light of rainbows. The odd story got to me today of your passing, Hmm, Alas!

P, a cracked vitreous it is to my soul. Wish there could be remnants of words to posit, Other than R. Alot i have to tell and do,. I Think I Paint. I think I paint because of fear of the abstract. I think I have fear, and there it is, Blossoming in my behaivor. Like a flower peddle swayed by the wind, I begin my life when many will end. The Second Hand of Sympathy. The sun just rose in lost connection, Please undo the times we have held onto believe, False hope, dreams, and expectation.

I'm just glad those two came out alive, In due time, it's overwhelming inside. To the days Your Requiem. The first thing my mother did, when a boy broke my heart, was open the windows. She said that letting in the air, and erasing his smell. The Person Once Found now is Lost. Souls Leaving. The pains still there. I hope you know what I'm talking about.

It's hard to feel, anything real. When you pushed me out,. I am broken. These bed sheets are arms, Holding me, Eating me alive. They moisten with the pressure of clandestine prayers, Breath a ghost, The ghost of you,. The Bleeding Hearts of Men. Now here I begin by telling you I do not have a lot of time and feel the end creep closer and closer carried passed the minutes winding. Third eye. La Petite Morte. You tell us nothing scares you more than death.

You lie awake at night, after ending your prayers And stare At the meaningless body,. Let the aroma, the sweet intoxication, of the lilies take you away. Their white petals, beckoning, follow them. The Nature of Death. The Memory Of You. Your eyes were like a tired sunset,Shining with a soft amber light,Seeing the beauty in even the ugliest of things. To Be a Bird. It was a dreary night when it had happened, I was craving the sweet release of death, And I'd been wanting it for a long time.

I had grabbed the red and blue pills, Gazing at them with true desperation in my eyes,. I gave you everything. I gave you everything, You gave me nothing! You took my heart, You took my mind, But, you also took My life! Before you, I was empty, Loneliness, my only friend. Proposal Unto Disposal. Decay in the earth of all living things. Just not here, where the cold keeps the flesh safe, maybe not from those ravenous beings,. Sweet Bitter Love. Dearest one, I Love You You don't know how much those three words mean to me they cut deeper than any swords etching your name in my blood my DNA screaming for your touch And so I try!

How blood flows. Yellow Man. A Romanticist's Drean. How have I already been through loss, yet not love? When I awake. Street lamps and the last train speeding through ringing its arupt and startling bell "clear the way" it says to an empty road The night is dead. Traits, beha. Talking To My Echo. I can't hold on, I can't let go I keep on breathing But each breath is suffocating. My heart keeps pounding But in my own blood, I'm sinking. Through the hollows, into the grey Across the rolling hills of pain Run all night till the darkest day.

When shadows behind the mists play Charge forward to the silent rain. How Many Times. How many times, Do we have to die? How many times, Does our blood have to fall? How many times, Will mothers bury their children? Who is he? Who is that man? Hot damn! Now he walks with million dollar pants Bring forth the second coming! Till you've lost it. And then you lose it. And it suddenly becomes the most important thing. The Things I Didn't Do. Nervous pangs and tattering thoughts The impending terror of my dreams lay before me.

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Psychology tells physiology to shut its mouth but biology gives in: Close my eyes and count to three. Truths and Fallacies. Only when a lion is poked and prodded does it turn and roar. Only when a whisper is spat on and silenced does it turn into a scream. Only when a life is faced with death does it become meaningful.

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Mortis Angelus. Thus the Reaper picked up his tools, He took to his hands the metals forged in blood, He reached for the scythe with anger and wrath, According to his oath he upheld his mantle. Looking towards the foggy moors,. There was a time when these mind crimes Led to some prime rhymes With a fine line between "I'm fine" and "Am I dying? Death, death, all around. Not making a peep, not making a sound. It's not death coming for me that I fear. To live a life without someone you love is scary. I In angry lines they crawl along the road The blood and sweat drenching their worn soles, Their barracks built with bullet holes Now walk the soiled highways home.

Is Death So Final? I sometimes sit and wonder What death would be like. If you can feel everything, hear everything. Because of Death. Death is not a concept yet formed in the mind of a child, until she wakes up one morning: fatherless; and she is forced to understand it, too quickly, too soon. He died when I was five years old,. The Afterlife. Watching, waiting, The sun rising. Breathing, falling, The sun crying.

Upon the horizon, I know it is here. Dear Daddy. Hi daddy. Remember this morning when you left for work You promised to come play with me when you got home. I set up the teacups and food for us with mommy Oh! Dead One. Taking the things I love For me being naught but a fool For I was too young Not knowing the realities of this world But stuck in my own world. God's Plan. Letter From Death Row. Dear Roxanne, Squeals of joy, moans of pleasure, silence of sorrow; Hot chocolates, scrambled eggs, sticky ice-cream cones; Pillow fights, impassioned dance, heated arguments;.

A year ago Loss turned grief took you from me Today. And then three years later and look at us now.. Man nothing ruins a relationship quicker than doubt. Used to say you were so confident in what we had. Don't cut your wrist and don't cut your thighs. Don't get pissed just show the world that you're alive.

Pull up your sleeves show what you hide. Not for us, But for yourself please. Papa Bear. I remeber growing up as your baby cub. You taught me how to care for myself incase you were not there. Well now you are not here and I am still a lost cub. Where do you wish to be on the spectrum of life? A pause from this mad world. The Forgotten Few. She starred in a Star Trek episode as the girlfriend of Khan. She was talented but it's sad because now she is gone. She had Multiple Sclerosis and by , she was bound to a wheelchair. Where Blue Meets Blue.

Grandma, my love. I've Been Here Before. I stand in a place that I've been once before, A garden of sadness that's watered with tears, A plot in the earth where I made an exchange: I buried my hopes and gave birth to my fears -. The Worst Day. Today is the worst day. I knew it would be. Life is so unsettled Oftimes it is this way Goodbyes are the hardest Of things we have to say - And as we get older Our love ones gather near Goodbyes become harder But time together dear. I Cried Today. The Note. If you're reading this note, then I'm already dead I probably got a bullet lodged in the side of my head You can't save my body, I already locked up the joint Anyway forget how I died, that's besides the point.

Ode to my Dearest Foxy. Last Time. The last time I smiled was when my mom told me I has the same birthday and name as my grandma The last time I smiled was when I was down and my gransma cheered me up The last time I smiled. I look at your tombstone And wonder if you Can hear your grandchild, Who you barely knew? He had to save her That was all Plain and simple Stumbling across a dark landscape Pitch black water on either side Begging to swallow him whole.

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Work of Art. The Leaf and The Ground. Love prt 3. Past in the Future. Beyond the Final Breath. What comes after death? What lies beyond the final breath? Is the body just a mere shell? Do we really go to heaven or hell? Or the murky fields of Asphodel? Or are we all under a spell? Does It Make Me Today we formally say goodbye. It seems like all I do. Today I'm sick and snotty, Scared. I'm asking you now, the person I will name God, didn't you hear my prayers every day? Bleed Together. What I Learned from Her Music. We all would laugh behindOur handsAnd raise our eyebrows, neverBelieving, because we wereToo clumsy,Too busy,.

Dear Father. I can't help but wonder of your thoughts since you've journeyed so far. Has it changed you; are you slow to anger, slow to find fault? Judge with a softer heart? I'm curious the things you've learned,. Haibun - In Remembrance. Damp and dreary today dawns, settles 'round my shoulders with a weary sigh.

Mo u rning mists my glasses as I shuffle through leaves fast becoming grey; contemplate life slipping away silently without fanfare. Remorseful Me. Melts between the fingertips and slips onto the floor Just another tragedy that seems to go ignored All these stopping clocks and no one ever really cares.

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The End. Thoughts of self destruction may appear, Nobody seems to hear, For humans are busy fighting internal battles. The moment you put your thoughts into action, The world will keep moving,. One Year. It's been almost a year That's three-hundred-sixty-five days since the last time I saw you Since the last time you had life inside you. I remember the wires, the hoses, the machines. Aretha Louise Franklin The Meaning of Stillness. There is a stillness. A sense of calm as one takes steps through these grounds. A soft, pitter-patter of steps against soil that resonate with the steps taken by those that came before.

A Surreal Dream. Deep in the darkness, The goo falls on down, Right from the ceiling, Onto the ground, Then there before me, Lies my own head, That sings to me songs, That fill me with dread,. The Monster in my Closet. There's a monster in my closet, He tells me how I'll die, He tells me when I'll go, When I'll say goodbye, Oh this monster in my closet, Hears a tap on my window, There's a crow waiting,. Arthenia was my aunt and she was as kind as she could be. She was a loving mother and wife who lived in Sneedville, Tennessee.

She was appreciated by her husband and the three children that she had. Iram, Lost Iram. Iram, Lost Iram Lost, alone, and wandered scars Scrutinizing time Thunders rise and soon take flight Tinted skies with essence sighs. Acquainted with You, Death. I have been well acquainted with you, Death I have walked fearlessly and trembling back I have survived and heard their dying breath. How Is It?

Cup of tea, dearie? How is it? I'm sorry he's gone, dearie. You're better off without him. I'm sorry too. Weary Robin. Dad Ceased To Be Alive. Half a decade ago today, Dad ceased to be alive. Five years ago, Dad died at the age of sixty-five. He was a hard worker, he could have outworked two twenty-year-olds. Don't Fear the Reaper. All That I Was. I was the shattered glass laying on the floor, until you swept me up and built me into something more. Poetry saved my llife.

I keep my head down while dark thoughts create a storm in my head. The black velvet sky blots out the burning sun. My want for breathing is receding and my heart is bleeding for a love. Goodmorning How could I have known what sick meant You were sick, been sick your whole life Suffered your old life with A smile. Remember Me. Remember meAs the rising sun in early morningThe palette of colors that both sootheAnd allow for a reminiscing moment. I have Learned. Playground of the Dead. I always seem to findmyself here.

These cement blocks,jutting out of the dirt likemoss-covered stepping stones. They lead the way and beckon me witha brittle finger. But you are nothere. A Ghost. As the goosebumps carress my skin so strong, You stole my breath away; you king of thieves. The dulcet croon of love; you lure me with song. Not A Threat. Why does shit like this happen? The Garden of Life. December 7th Teachers draggingNo one listeningStudents textingLooking down. My emotions belong in a cage, Eventually, slowly, hesitantly plotting a war to wage.

Quickly now, Sign away the money you didn't earn. Designate it's destination before you receive it. It won't be enough. And it won't bring her back. I am more than a body. Slowly the apple rots beside the tree, day by day it get's smaller, darker, lonely. As time go by it starts to disolve into the soil, intel one day it's gone My name is a tombstone rubbing,I am dead and rotten,Flesh and coffin long forgotten,To roam the world underneath,In rubble, stone, and compost heaps,Lay not lilies at my feet,For I am no longer there.

Fleets of Death. Death pervades my waking sleep,Icy wrathful breath of mildew and moss,Corrupting the images of light and love,Memories fleeting dreams,Rustles in the predawn curtains,Faint presence of something there,. A Letter To Poetry. To my lover and only hope, You have given unconditional love, and you have given me life. You have given me hope, and you have given me strife. Ruined plans. Evil at work. Suicidal, sober, and stardom.

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Torture, terror, and triumph. None can escape. Pistols and pills. Elders and young. Admiration and apathy. A Crow's Day. As I pass by the local airport, I Notice the hound lying on the side Of the street; his eyes are closed as he sleeps. Synthetic fumes enter into my nostrils, One being the fumes of the stained dentures,. Soul in a Coma. My soul's in a coma; and no body knows. They Never Stop. Heaven watches in horror; while children die by the knife. The Liquid Death. Whiskey is like liquid death in a bottle.

The man is excided to see the newborn bottle of whiskey in his hands His addiction is uncontrollable when the bottle is empty People find that he smells of death itself. Who is the victor when both sides had suffered casualties? Bodies that were too small to carry a M16 are now covered in dirt never again to be seen. My Truth. Covered in Daggers.

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Hello my demons will you let me sleep? The Corner. The dark night. Break the silence with a scream oh, ALL men will see! That nothing is what it isnt, So please be free! All men are destructive, So read something better than these. The sunlight echoes across the room in waves. We said goodbye; they left down the callow way. Later, after fizzy breath and Valentine thoughts,. Death After Dinner Day.

A Father's Final Words. Forgetting Is Never Easy. I wanted him to stay. But Time would not allow it For he does not trust me. Not anymore. As I am a creature of hell. I know no death nor life. Only pain. She said she was allergic to daisies and fireworks, armpit fat and turmeric. Car Crash. The Death Sentence of Smoking. Death Has Come Home. Death has come home; to sleep in my soul. Death has come home, to see me again. Lately, everything feels a little more impossible unstoppable, improbable, those dream bubbles?

Goodbye is Not Enough. Before I leave, Or you do, I like to say the words, I love you. There may be tomorrow, Or the day after that, But I'm scared, That one of us may go splat. Do Not Rest Without Me. I have grown more emotion, as I fill my empty void with memories. My childhood has been replaced with the deep though of death. I've said goodbye 1 to many times. Please don't haunt me my dear sister. Broken Throne. Goodbye my love.

The night gazing through like the blowing wind of pasting time. All footnotes are moved to the end of line groups in which the reference occurs. In certain cases, footnotes do not appear with their references on the same page. Any hyphens occurring in line breaks have been removed, and the trailing part of a word has been joined to the preceding line. All quotation marks, em dashes and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references.

All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively. All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively. Running titles have not been preserved. Thither, ah, thither, if thy heart be sad! LET us escape! But such beguile me not! Page 12 4. Page 13 6. Page 14 II. Page 15 V. Are not all short-lived things the loveliest? Is't pride? Wouldst have me worthy? On me thy vengeance! But spare the woman and the child! In love's own season. The change is all in man. Thou hast pleasures. Why the cynic temper? Art thou truer? I had no parent's tendance.

They were my kindred. You strive with me in vain. THOU com'st at last! Yet where hast thou been wandering, fickle friend? Where art thou--where, oh! I bless thee, gentle breeze! THE night has settled down. It took Maaza Mengiste the better part of a decade to research and write her second novel, a war epic set during the Italian invasion and occupation of Ethiopia from The Shadow King is largely about the Ethiopian women who joined the anti-European resistance, picking up guns, hauling firewood, or steeling the male warriors who frankly could not have gone on without them.

A confession: I have read the novel already and look forward to reading it again. The warmth and curiosity with which Patti Smith observes her own life makes her one of the finest living companions to living. In this elegant new book, though, she shifts into a slightly more present note, chronicling the year of Drawing on photographs and her experience traveling the country, she manages to make that fateful year both bigger and more mysterious than one would think possible.

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Traveling from California to Arizona, visiting friends, well and ill, facing loses of her own, this diary of change and destruction is at once a solace and a charge to double down on love. There are going to be a lot of genuine exclamation points in this blurb because it is about how young people are changing the world, and I—office baby—enthusiastically agree! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman ever to sit in Congress! David and Lauren Hogg, Parkland survivors, have made themselves the face of gun control advocacy! Leslie Jamison is a writer of supreme eloquence and intelligence who deftly combines journalistic, critical and memoristic approaches to produce essays that linger long in the memory.

Her eclectic latest includes examinations of the museum of broken relationships, the community of Second Life players, and the loneliest whale in the world, as well as personal reckonings with marriage, maternity, and becoming a stepmother. The thought of that whale alone is enough to compel me to pick up this collection. This latest is a big family novel set over five decades, and it revolves around the titular Dutch House—a mansion meant to signify success that leads to endless trouble.

Antonio Lobo Antunes, tr. The brutality and mendacity of that time surges back to the fore in this new book, which unfolds in 23 chapters, each just one long sentence. Weaving in and out of a symphony of voices, the novel feels more like music than prose, and its horrific climax a past that never accepts being past. Anne Serre, tr. Tied together with dream logic, each of these stories plumbs the depths of desire, morality, and our willingness to go on an unpredictable ride. The result is a deep, idiosyncratic portrait of a family and a place in time, and a novel that asks difficult questions about how we got here—and how anyone gets anywhere.

Silvina Ocampo, tr. Year by year, more of the great Argentinian Silvina Ocampo is restored to us, like the lost work of a luminously dark seer. Borges and Calvino were in her thrall: the fantastic Mariana Enriquez has written an entire book on her. Yet Ocampo remains an obscure writer to most.

Yet what work she wrote, what an incredible life she lived. These two newly translated books could make her a rediscovery on par with Clarice Lispector. In The Promise , a woman falls overboard a transatlantic ship and confronts her regrets and longings as she bobs in the freezing water. Forgotten Journey gives us 28 short stories, translated into English for the first time, providing a surprising glimpse of the birth of gothic fiction in Latin America which dates back to the s. Lusciously strange, uncompromising, yet balanced and precise, there has never been another voice like hers.

With She Said , they tell the story of how that reporting reached the public and process what followed, as their initial reporting spurred dozens of other investigations of violence, sexual harassment, and abuses of power. Blowout looks to be a huge, heavily researched history of corruption within the oil and gas industry, a practice strangling so many democracies today.

No galleys are available as of yet. It also aims in part to explain why our federal government has felt so hijacked in recent years. I imagine the only thing more challenging for a historian than writing a revisionist history of a great hero is writing one about one of our most contemptible villains. The author of Perks of Being a Wallflower , or, as I like to think of it, my high school bible, goes full Stephen King in his new supernatural thriller of epic proportions. Imaginary Friend follows a boy and his mother as they flee to a small town to escape a violent past.

The boy vanishes into the forest for days, and upon his return, instructs the townspeople to build a treehouse in the woods by Christmas, or the entire town will meet an unbearable fate. This is my kind of Christmas novel! Moving between Lake Geneva in and Brexit Britain, this love story dives into developments in artificial intelligence, sex robots, the weight of having a body, and the way we all might just be vessels for age-old stories told over and over again.

Winterson plays with language in a way that is always a delight, and the way she collapses time really ties it all together in the end. Paul Hendrickson has made a life of taking the figures we think we know, and revealing how little we actually understood them. From the depression-era photographer Marion Post Wolcott to the war-maker Robert MacNamara and the writer Ernest Hemingway, his subjects tend to be complex, ambitious men and women caught in the thrust of outsized times. Hendrickson has his work cut out for him with Wright, certainly the most written about architect in the world.

Staceyann Chin, Crossfire Haymarket, October 1. Poet and international spoken word superstar Staceyann Chin is releasing her first full-length collection of poetry. Assembling tales from the past two decades with ten brand new ones, Grand Union showcases a huge range of effects, from lyric elegy to high satire and even farce. The compression and swiftness of these tales are opposite skills to the ones Smith has plied in her five, wondrously different novels.

Yet to watch these tales unfold is to feel a gladness that only virtuosity—and emotional depth—can ignite. Katie Lowe, The Furies St. A second collection of stories from the author of the celebrated The Grip of It. Start with her two memoirs, or the gloriously perfect summer read, Swimming Home , then try Black Vodka , her recently rereleased short stories.

Here it all begins with a tiny bit of a car accident, and a fork in reality parts which Levy explores brilliantly. We sacrifice former versions of ourselves. We sacrifice the people who dared to raise us. These essays, collected from his work for the NYRB and elsewhere, bear re-reading as Mendelsohn remains our most unflinching critic, and clearly our most knowledgeable. First and foremost, though, he knows his own mind, so you never feel backed into a phenomenon on a wave of hype, or like a rubberneck watching a malcontent mean spiritedly crapping on the latest craze.

Like all great critics, he transmits his curiosity in every sentence, and his dismay with humor. Even when you disagree with Mendelsohn, the feeling upon reading a piece by him is like having gone to Chinese food after the film you just watched with the smartest, most unpretentious friend you possess, and having hashed it out. In eerily beautiful prose, she takes you places you might think you know, and leaves you there to find your way out. A new collection for one of our most celebrated essayists and naturalists, in which she looks at erosion both physical and metaphysical, political and ecological, in art and in land.

A must for anyone who loves the desert. James B. Anyone curious as to how the FBI wound up investigating both presidential candidates in needs to read this upcoming book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James B. He has a long history of finding the goods. He is meticulous, rigorous and extremely well-wired into halls of power.

Tired of talking points and scoring points? It is nice to know that the author of The Things They Carried finds joy and peace in his family. Norton, October Thomas Chatterton Williams is a light-skinned black man, the son of a black father and a white mother.

He himself is married to a white Frenchwoman. The complexions of his own two children are so light, in fact, they could pass for white. So what is a man to do with these realities, and why does it matter at all? Williams prods our received wisdom about race, identity, and identitarianism in his new project. Williams is prepared to make a sure-to-be controversial case in the affirmative. Jokha Alharthi, tr. The winner of the Man Booker International Prize concerns three sisters in the village of al-Awafi in Oman, and the ways their lives unfold in a changing landscape. This is not only the first novel originally written in Arabic to win the Man Booker International Prize, but it is also the first book by a female Omani author to be translated into English, and is thus a major, exciting literary event.

Do you try again? The title alone was enough to make me giggle. And it comes before Christmas, no less! Would my grandmother be offended if I gave this to her? Following the diagnosis with leukemia of her husband, himself a noted oncologist, Doctor Azra Raza describes how medicine and our society mis treats cancer, and how we can and must do better. Why yes, I do want to spend more time in the world of Olive Kitteridge!

How kind of you to offer, Elizabeth Strout! Steph Cha has won universal acclaim for her Juniper Song series, with its focus on portraying LA through the eyes of a millennial detective more concerned with friendship than romance, and I am psyched for her first stand-alone. Your House Will Pay was inspired by the complex history and tensions in 90s-era LA, and takes a hard look at the long-term consequences of bigotry, prejudice, and shame.

New fact about me: just last week I went to see Rocketman , which I found to be a visual and aural delight. Sharon Olds, Arias Knopf, October Pulitzer Prize-winner Sharon Olds is back with a new collection of lyric poetry. In this gorgeous, urgent collection, Olds injects her incisive observations with a fluid operatic voice. Just before he died this spring, Edmund Morris had completed final changes to his years-in-the-making life of Thomas Edison, still the most prolific and transformative inventor in American history.

The phonograph. Early film technology. Improvements on the telegraph. Microphones in telephones. Motion picture cameras. Distributors for electrical power. He dabbled in electronic voting. He made a kind of early tattoo gun. Batteries for electric cars. The list is astonishing, and in this huge, tremendously well researched biography, the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winning Morris has finally given him the biography he deserves. Long before Disney released Frozen , its first female-directed, full-length feature, a group of women were working to animate the stories that enthralled children across the country.

This biography offers a close look at her life, from the theaters and sound stages of Hollywood and London to personal challenges. Call Me By Your Name is a perfect book; I feel similarly about the film adaptation , different in some ways as they are. Find Me checks in with Elio, his father Samuel, and Oliver years after the events of the first novel. Allison Moorer is known for songs of ragged, poetic honesty—and for the emotional clarity of her country western ballads. Her debut memoir exhibits these qualities and more. A series of riffs on family objects gives this intense, necessary book room to breathe before it brings yet more truth to a childhood more than survived.

Always getting roped into conflicts a little improbably big for a Monday morning. If only justice were so easy, solvable or deliverable with vengeance in pages. Seriously, even my stick figures suck. Lynda Barry is a cartoonist and a professor at the University of Wisconsin, and in this follow-up to Syllabus , she shares her curriculum once more. She encourages doodling. She wants you to see yourself as a monster, as as superhero, and all the shades in between.

For people who are sometimes too precious about what they put on the page, I think this explosive kind of creativity is just what we need. There is escapism here, yes, but recognition that we can never really outrun ourselves. Now, roving journalist and good-natured running proselytizer Christopher McDougall is back with another inspirational of borderline insane people racing inhumanly long distances. In Running with Sherman , he recounts his efforts to rehabilitate the body, mind, and spirit of a weary donkey by entering them both in the pack burro racing World Championship.

Marie NDiaye, tr.