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Extreme Stamina. Modern Day Sexual Man. Naked U. Female Orgasm Blueprint. Unleash The Beast. Revolutionary Sex. Text 2 Sex T2S. Incredible Sex Video Series. Product Information The author states that this book is frankly about getting laid. Experience Level s :. Learning Format:.

Getting Laid Is About How You Make Her Feel

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Mating Intelligence: Sex, Relati Im a unemployed, soon 21, I practise swimming at competition level and still virgin.

2. Smile a lot

First of all this guide sounds really good way to get started as a shy guy such as myself. I really wanna put this guide to test next weekend, but I really dont have much courage to go out and hang in public. So got any good tips for a shy guys like me? Hi Joni, i am having the same problem. The most important thing is no to care. If you want any of my advice, ask for my email.

This is true. The only lone girls left at like 3AM are the ones really wanting a guy. Looking decent, showered, not overperfumed and able to speak — those are the basic requirements. After that non creepy attitude, and a decent proposal to go home for replay of nice commedy show. After you reach home, get something to drink, put it somewhere, look into her eyes, apporoach and start kissing her neck after 30 seconds take her clothes off.

I will try it out ASAP. Being a Boi and having bipolar and feeling of many changes,Its been hard to find anyone I am content with and having any healthy relationship. Dude most of these tips are not for me. Go to the doctor and get an appointment at a dermatologist.

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Trust me! Not any clubs in my area tho there is a bar but not very populated most of the time. Because of my teeth I have had no luck getting anyone to be interested in me.

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Holly crap! What advice? So you have bad teeth and you got dumped big fucking deal 4 make a decision about how long you plan to feel sorry for yourself. Create a date-certain, place it on the calendar and as of that date…stop whining. The game is called life. The main problem with this is that I am too short to try any of this without getting rejected. I tried going to clubs and picking up girls smoothly as you described but they always reject me and go for taller guys. It seems like height is a big deal since I am usually the shortest guy in any club 5 ft 6.

I am not shy and am told that I have a confident look. Any advice? Im only 19 like but all my friends are on at least 4 shags. I might just go on some dating site and say im 6ft lol. I always fuck my woman smoothly, one time they came up to me when they were all naked, and they threw me in the bed and started rubbing their boobs and their pussys in my face, any advice to stick the dick? I am a college student, geeky kinda guy and I have never been with a girl. What can I do to get laid. Stop being scared… What are scared of, she obviously can not physically harm you! And the shame, what shame there is in doing something that you want to do, what shame there is in doing something that you know most of those around you wish they have the balls to.

I do not really know, Since I was never looking for the results and just merely enjoying the process. All I do is play the numbers game. I sign up to 2 or 3 sites from the sex dating directory and I contact as many as possible.

Download PDF From Hello to Sex: The Man's Guide to Getting Laid, by Jon Sinn

I hookup with some on day 1 everytime. The easiest way to get laid is to pay for it, period.

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Go in, hand her the money, get laid, go home. Thank you, God bless you. So I consider my self an old soul and a picky s. Oh ya there is alot of hot sexy chicks but they are either way out of my legue or obvisiouly got every guy in the club following them all night. How does a average guy compete with all that? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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18 Tips For Getting Laid From Bars and Nightclubs

Related Articles. November 4, January 28, December 10, July 28, May 21, Humor That Gets You Laid! March 18, Click Here […]. John Deus January 15, - pm Thank You. Lidia March 9, - am Love IT! John Deus March 2, - pm gvlu, It is understandable what you are going through, and hats off for trying to change your situations.

David December 14, - am What a powerful quote and everyone can relate to, once i started to follow that route of no excuses, my life improved for the better. Thank u J. Joe User June 16, - pm Address your physiology also. ESP July 9, - am Can you describe your handicap more? Mike January 8, - am Focus on improving yourself in every way. Supreme Men March 4, - am […] you just want to get laid, all you need is a functional dick and that is it. Racesking March 8, - pm Can I try this if i am 17? John Deus March 10, - pm Racesking, Yes and No… some girls at that age are out and about for anything and some are just exploring, so it might be a little tricky.

Try it, you have nothing to lose? Racesking March 10, - pm Thanks a lot man! Noobster June 17, - pm Train in your situation too and 23 as well. Brad August 23, - am 1st I wanted to commend you for reminding guys just like me that are reading how to get laid posts that sex with drunk ladies is rape by statute at least in my state , but it was how you put it that I began to believe that you were a gentlemen just like me. Zack September 29, - pm I like your post Brad, I just want to add that I think that having sex with drunk women is considered Rape in all 50 states and the territories.

Sluurpee October 3, - am The reputation part is probably the most important.