Manual Object Lessons for Children (Object Lesson Series)

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Have your kids combine the vinegar and salt in the cup or pour the cola drink into the cup.

Forgiveness and new life

Get them to drop the dirty penny into the cup and let it sit for about five minutes. After the time has passed, you should find a clean, shiny penny at the bottom of the cup.

Lessons from the Pentateuch (Gen. through Deut.)

Use this as an opportunity to share with your children how the penny illustrates sin in our lives. The dirty penny represents our sin-filled lives. Before doing this activity, hollow out one of the eggs without cracking the shell by blowing out the contents.

Hide the holes in the eggshell from your children. Talk to your kids about how Jesus was placed in a tomb after He died. Use the eggs as an illustration of what the women expected to find in the tomb, and what they actually found. As you tell the story, crack the eggs into the bowl, starting with the whole egg.

See what kind of reactions you get after cracking the empty egg! If you liked this article and would like to go deeper, we have some helpful resources below. Free advice on marriage, parenting and Christian living delivered straight to your inbox. Get Involved Pray for us Share your story Make a donation.

The key is to form the bubbles with gentle motions. They can even try blowing on the bubbles to make a bubble inside a bubble. What made the bubbles pop? Did they turn out bigger or smaller than you thought? What else did you notice about the way they looked? What did you notice about what your bubbles did once they floated away from you? Have you ever been like a bubble and floated away from God? Then secure the lid at the beginning of class. Each of you will take a turn shaking the jar for a few minutes, then pass it to your neighbor.

Pass the jar to the first child. Allow kids to shake the jar for a few minutes each. Ensure that every child gets to shake it. The cream will eventually clump, and will finally become butter. Check the jar every 10 minutes to see how the experiment is progressing. What do you think happened to the cream and salt inside the jar? Let kids taste the butter on a cracker. The more you shook, the larger the blobs of fat and protein became. We ended up with butter!

What are qualities of a good friendship? God wants us to bond with our friends, share our friendship, and spread his love to all we come in contact with. Can you think of ways we can be better friends to one another? This is atrocious. It makes me feel physically sick. Keep religion and science separate and stop teaching our children lies. Charles, I find this so amusing. Apparently, you have decided that you are God and have the right to tell everyone what they can and cannot do.

But the difference between you and the real God is the real God gives every person choice. He even created a Charles who disdains Him. So I guess I will stay with the living God who gives us all choice. And our choice is to love God and teach our children just as you do yours. Sorry…but control is demonic and that may explain your need to try to control the people on this site. Ummm…have you read Job? Yes, he does use all of the bad in this fallen world and turns it into good…. But, our God is sovereign over ALL things…. Satan must ask His permission to do anything. So, you may have good intentions with this lesson….

Object Lessons - The Atlantic

You are correct in saying that Satan asked permission, therefore Satan was the cause of the pain. It was not God himself inflicting pain upon Job. He allowed it, but he was not the cause.

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As for Jesus, He is the son of God. Also, God did not cause this. The sin of the world, man, caused this.

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  8. Thanks for your thoughtful response, Leticia! Praying God take the blinders off your eyes so you can see the marvelous things He has for you. God Bless! She started writing Sunday school curriculum out of a need she saw for relevant, age appropriate lessons on deep, Biblical topics. Tara has been writing since the age of six, and writing for Ministry-To-Children.

    I found it all very good.

    Parables of Jesus: 9 Lessons for Kids

    As we only have mins with the children there was too much to do in that time. But we learned to adapt it which went well. Today, we learned of the Parable of the Soils. It was such a fun and interactive morning.

    A-z Object Lessons By Topics

    We did the sensory boxes with the rice, rocks, seeds, etc. We had the children compete in three teams 4 per team. Then we went on to have the lesson, and last, we stepped outside the gym doors we meet in a high school, and our K-5th meet in the gym onto a cement area to make our seed bombs. I had the red clay powder, soil and seeds already mixed together in a plastic bin.