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Very detailed without boring the reader to death This is a good Book 1 of a series, from Africa to Iceland you have no idea where Ryan and crew [ However, before the treaty can be signed the Kurgans are attacked by an aggressor species who ruthless slaughter millions. Michael Sheridan realizes that to protect Earth, he must join with the Kurgans [ Hired to find her, Mitchell and his friends are pulled into a deadly chase across the globe in which the truth is not what it appears to be, and the lives of everyone on the planet are at stake. Stuck between ruthless warlords, mercenaries, and ancient legends, Grant's people face a challenge unlike any other they have faced before.

With time running out and their very survival on the line, [ Thunderbolt A Project Gauntlet Mission Book 3 A scheme born in the desperation of war lies dormant waiting for someone to reactivate it.

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During a dig in Russia, Professor Jeremy Hayes is drawn into a web of intrigue and lies. His colleagues are unaware of his situation and soon find themselves in a race, not only to help Hayes but stop a plot to kill millions. From a state dinner onboard a Kurgan ship to the jungles of a forbidden planet, the stakes have never been higher and the consequences more deadly.

Following the clues laid out before them, they find themselves drawn into a race with not only the Aurora Group but another much older organization intent on shaping Earth's future.

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From the deserts of Libya, to mountains of Bolivia, and the cold of the South Atlantic, the hunt for the truth is on. Renegade The Kurgan War Book 7 Frustration with the pace of the peace talks between Earth and the Kurgan Empire leads the Federation President to order the immediate repatriation of human colonists and soldiers still being held on rebel Kurgan planets. During one of these missions, Sheridan and Cole come across a derelict spaceship. Reported lost during the First Kurgan War a century ago; it soon becomes apparent that the key [ Drawn into a clandestine world that deals with unusual encounters the two soldiers volunteer to help with the investigation into an alleged UFO crash in Alaska.

The mission, however, is far from simple as it soon becomes apparent that [ With the war dragging on, Sheridan is growing disillusioned and seeks to find a way to end helping Komada ferment his civil war. When an unexpected visitor arrives on Kandara-Minor everything is suddenly changed. With an old nemesis still on the run, Sheridan and [ However, things are not as they appear and before long they are drawn into a deadly family secret which reaches back centuries.

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With a religious fervor Komada inspires more Chosen warriors to take up arms against their former citizens. Pushed by his superiors, Sheridan must get these soldiers ready to undertake hazardous missions in Kurgan space. Deeply suspicious of Komada's motives, Sheridan [ Mercy In Louisiana, Captain Robert Cooper from the Freedman's Bureau is sent to investigate a rash of strange murders and disappearances. His unexpected arrival in Williamstown is met with a mix of anger and suspicion. With gangs of demobilized Confederate soldiers roaming the woods, Cooper is quick to realize that his job may be harder than first expected.

Goliath A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 1

Yet, the terror that plagues the farms [ Nemesis A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 6 When a brutal terrorist attack maims dozens and kills someone close to Ryan Mitchell, he decides to take the law into his own hands and sets out to kill whoever was responsible. He, however, learns things are not as they appear. Before long, Mitchell and his friends are dragged into a deadly struggle with a foe from the past and a man who has waited decades to settle an old score. From Greenland [ Before too long it becomes apparent that they are trapped in a deadly game of revenge.

From the depth of space to the streets of Rome and beyond, the fight for the truth had begun. This time the stakes couldn't be higher. When word of a brutal Kurgan prison planet reaches Earth, the men and women of the Sixth Fleet are sent into action. From a smuggler's hideout, to a prehistoric planet to a deadly fight with the dreaded Kurgan Imperial Guard, the struggle to survive continues.

Five Days in May: Book One in The Unexplainable Collection by Ninie Hammon

Fighting for survival, Sheridan and his mentor, Master Sergeant Alan Cole, must do all they can to keep their people alive not only from the Kurgans but from traitors hidden in plain sight. From the deserts of Illum Prime, to the depths of space, the [ With Soviet forces ringing the city, a lone plane lands and is quickly loaded with a mysterious cargo.

Present day - With troubles brewing in the Aegean, Ryan Mitchell and his team of ex-Special Forces operatives are brought in to protect the sister of a Greek general who is targeted for assassination. However, before long they are drawn into a deadly race to find a fortune that [ Taken by surprise Earth's far-flung colonies are in danger. Nemesis - Book 6 When a terrorist attack maims dozens and kills someone close to Ryan Mitchell, he takes the law into his own hands and sets out to kill whoever was responsible.

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He, however, learns things are not as they appear. Mitchell and his friends are soon drawn into a deadly struggle with hundreds of thousands of lives hanging in the balance. From Greenland, to Zimbabwe, to Libya and Russia, the race to stop a man seeking revenge is on. I believe all of these novels will appeal to those readers who enjoy fast-paced adventure stories in the tradition of novels by Clive Cussler, Andy McDermott and James Rollins.

All of the Ryan Mitchell series of thrillers are available in paperback and ebook. Noble Phoenix by Mark Pryor A rebellious young man miraculously survives certain death. He faces off against a powerful grand master terrorizing Europe.

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Can he stop the carnage that threatens a global nuclear war? John Carradine and Me. Will Humanity Survive the Singularity? All of us will live forever! Oh, Those Terrible Obama Years Which Wolf Do We Feed? Amnesty Under Any Name. Malthus Revisited- The Cup of Wrath by Lin Wilder Eighteen-year-old Morgan Gardner did not seem like someone who could save the world--unless you took the time to notice her eyes.

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